Personal Touch

At Providence Landscape Group we are able to guarantee our client’s satisfaction is by paying close attention to their desires, needs and ideas.  When designing a new landscape or hardscape, Providence Landscape Group listens to our client’s vision for the project, and collaborates with the client to allow our knowledge and experience to assist in the concept, execution and growth of the property.  Evaluating the natural layout of the property and designing the project with the customer’s vision in mind allows us to not only meet our client’s needs, but to exceed them.

Providence Landscape Group offers a personal touch to their clients that really sets them apart from their competition.  We hand pick each and every flower, plant, bush, and tree that are going to be installed.  Most company’s will pick out a pallet, but Providence Landscape Group picks each specific plant.  This guarantees our client’s properties will be beautiful from their inception, and will remain that while the property in under our care.